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Overstruck date 1821 Queen Caroline.

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Caroline Queen Consort 1821. Rev. God Save The Queen. Brass 25mm. BHM# 1153. This is the same obverse as BHM# 1020, but the date has been changed from 1820 to 1821, if you look at the '1' in the date you can still see the original '0'. I had posted this before but now I have another example, one which is gilded & the overstruck date is less obvious.




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Nice! Only in brass and gild or where there other metals as well?


And may I ask what reference books or materials do you use to identify medals such as these?

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British Historical Medals 1760-1960 3 volume set by Laurence Brown , so BHM#1153 is the number assigned to it in that book. The first volume covers from George III to William IV(1760-1837), vol. II Victoria(1837-1901) & III 1901-1960 which includes combined indexes of all the volumes, short biographies of engravers, corrections & additions plus some extras. So collectors can just select the volume for the period they are interested in or, if like me they collect from the whole period covered, buy them all as I did, ouch! http://www.amazon.co.uk/British-Historical-Medals-1760-1960-Accession/dp/090065256X


This was only listed as issued in brass & N. for normal rarity, the reason for the overstruck date was that the original medal was issued for Caroline becoming Queen Consort in 1820 upon the death of George III, then she upped & died herself in 1821 so, just by overstriking the date, it could then be sold as a death medal & beat the competition to market.

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