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Hello All!

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I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I live in the Philippines and my girlfriend is into coins. Two weeks ago I didn't know the difference between a numismatist and a nudist... I used to collect stamps and my collection--which disappeared mysteriously for almost 25 years is now back in my library--again, quite mysteriously, and in a different album...creepy... My sister was the coin collector in the family, although I did find one oldish banknote at a local cemetery when I was a kid. It was a 20 centavo bill from the 50's in good condition. The lowest denomination note at the time of the find was 5 Pesos. We still had 5 centavo coins then (that couldn't buy anything--just for proper change) and the lowest denomination coin at the moment is 25 centavos, although it is only used for change as well. The lowest denomination note now is a 20... And apparently picking up treasure in a cemetery is bad karma since that 20 centavo note also disappeared mysteriously... Anyhow, just wanted to give you all a little background and info on circulating coins and notes here. Anyone who likes money that looks like candy from Disneyland should check out the new Philippine bills that came out recently...lol. Cheers to all!

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Thanks for the welcome Corina and Hispania :) Love that illustration of the ship, Hispania; I'm into old ships...Prussian warship of some kind? I can't quite tell--it has the deck structure of a galleon but the lines of a mid class ship of the line--and 16-20 guns? I could be wrong but it has the Prussian crest on the mainsail but isn't that the crest of Spain on the foresail?

Yeah, Corina, the new Phil bills are really bright, lol, but I heard recently that they are easier to forge than the old bills, although the government says they issued totally new bills precisely to avoid that sort of thing. There is a post somewhere here inviting us to post bills with animals on them. Every one of the new Phil notes has a different animal, some unique to the islands like the tarsier. And all the photos of the presidents and other prominent figures used are from when they were young. For some reason I respect the older photos used before more--i mean they were taken when the guys had actually accomplished something. I'm just glad that the phase this country went through in the 90s is over--where they issued new coinage almost every year and a lot of people, especially in far flung regions, got stuck with lots of coins that were devalued and were worthless for buying anything...I should go through my coin bag and see if there's anything of interest there. I'll post pics of the interesting ones as soon as I can get hold of a camera...

Right now I'm helping my girlfriend broker and sell some coins she has. I haven't met the requirements to advertise here on the forum yet but I'll just mention them for the sake of conversation: She owns an 1818 Texas jola (Lone Star) that just sold on an auction site a week or so ago for $46K...so we're trying to get that sold...She also wants to broker her dad's Seated Liberty (no arrows and rays). One auction site said there were only 4 of these known??? And the last one auctioned went for over $300K. It's kinda freaky having stuff worth that much in the house, not to mention carrying them around to show buyers. When I was a kid I saw a guy in the market get his hand chopped clean off for his (fake) Rolex...Seriously.

Anyhow, Cheers Guys!

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