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Once in a Lifetime Discovery!!! A must see.

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What an amazing, once in a lifetime, discovery!

Firstly I brought this, which is an extremelly rare 1837 Victoria ascension medal BHM#1769 RRR. Brown states that the reverse birthdate is May 14 1819, an error but this reverse has May 24, the correct date. Either a variant or Brown made an error.




I found the portrait of special interest because of the way the head is thrust forward, it is unlike any of the other early Victoria medals that I am aware of. You can see that the die was damaged by the miss-struck central portion of the medal.


Then, just a day later I saw & purchased this, a 1838 Victoria Coronation medal, because it was unlisted & because of the similarities between the 2 portraits & the exact same inscription. There are some glaringly obvious differences, the pearled head band, dangling ear-ring, hair-line etc.





Neither of the medals are in my possesion, they are still in transit, but I became convinced by the sellers pictures that they were both struck using the same obverse die, albeit the second later medal after the die was further engraved to hide the damage.

Now, whether you are convinced like me or not I do not know but if you do have any doubts that they were struck using the same obverse die please see the following group of pictures.


The middle image is a superimposed-composite of the 2 outer medals & shows that the damaged die was further engraved, so as to remove the damage area, & it was then used again for the later medal, leaving Victoria with puffier cheeks, a higher cheek bone and bejeweled, though the neck, truncation, facial profile, denticles & inscription all remain exactly the same.


Who's a clever boy then?

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Isn't it cool to do the research on numismatic items? The chase for information, facts, theory, or even speculation

is almost as fun as the chase for the medal or coin itself. Such a wonderful hobby!


Congrats on the aquisition and new theory.

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