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some new russians inc overstrike


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got most of these cheaply.



£3.50 the 2, the Lenin Rouble was going for £3 alone and that was excluding the postage price (which i included in my price here)


£7.50 for this 2 kopeck, wasn't going to go any higher then that for it anyway but A nice clear overstrike of the previous issue 4 kopeck



was also a french coin all 3 from same seller so postage on 3 coins was £2. so not added ;)

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Very common, mostly non-collectabel coins (due to poor grades)... Why don't you save a little bit of money and buy one coin in a month or in 3 months, but in collectable grade? I think you will treasure it more and if ever you would want to sell it, you'll have a lot more people interested... Just a thought... :yes:

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Thanks, haven't received it yet. There were 2 other nice Russian medals up for an auction. I was planning to bid on them as well, but someone apparently convinced the seller to list them as Buy It Now and bought them for $220 apiece! To be fair I think there were a couple of other medals in there, French Napoleonic and something else. I guess that 'someone' bought the whole lot! A very clever move!

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I will not argue as I share your opinion to a degree. I believe it is better to start small, when you new to the field and it also applies to rare finds. To the truth I still have lots of low grade coins (not as low as you MM kopek though), and some times I think of selling them on eBay, which I'll probably do soon. Also, sometimes, just for fun I buy coins I don't really need, or in grade lower then the one I already may have... You know those bids you place when you think that the coin is worth much more and you may win accidently, I find it actually exciting sometimes! ;)

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