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Egyptian coins minted in UK


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Hello all,


On the Egyptian silver coins for 1916-17, the 2 mints involved are Bombay (with no mint mark) and Heaton (with H mint mark). Both mints used different master dies for both the obverse and reverse (inner circle/no inner circle, fat/thin letters etc).


Does anyone have any knowledge about why this happened?

I've read that John Harvey Rowntree designed all the silver coins (but can anyone confirm this for both the obverse and reverse dies)?

In particular does anyone know where the master dies were engraved (London, Bombay, Heatons) and is it possible that engravers in both Bombay and England made the masters possibly from the same drawing, but one decided to modify the design?

Were the working dies made at the 2 mints or were they made in London and distributed?


I read in Roger Dewardt Lane's book (Encyclopedia Small Silver Coins) that the Heaton's 2 piastre coin of 1917 was minted in 1919. Can anyone confirm that (and why 2 years later). Did late minting occur on any other coin?


Sorry for asking many questions .... thanks in advance

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