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Scrip Machines? Help Please


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Hello everyone, my grandfather was an avid coal mining collector and he has 3 "scrip machines" (so he calls them). They have a patent date of 1909 and 1911 and say Ingle Systems Dayton Ohio. It looks like an old cash register but accepts coal mining scrip, 1.00, .50, .25, .10, etc? Are these rare at all? I cant find any information at all on them? Thanks everyone

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I'd like to see a photo of them if possible. I noticed a lot of the coal script has punches through it like it was meant to be put into some sort of counter etc. But it really is not a well researched area, actually kind of a decent area for me to look into a lot more because of my interest in it and the lack of interest on the part of a lot of other collectors. Some of the stuff I am starting to get into must be pretty scarce but the prices seem low.

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Some good info here http://kenvir.fateback.com/Scrip.html " Wouldn't it be great to have one of these original machines at our reunion and watch that thing roll out that scrip"


It appears that the machines were for dispensing the scrip and would stamp both the employees & employers cards which were entered into the machine to record the transaction, the amount of scrip issued would be deducted from the employee's wages on payday.


This is a scrip-register pictures from http://www.wonderfulwv.com/archives/sub.cfm?month=aug12&fea=1 so perhaps there were both scrip dispensing machines & seperate scrip/cash-registers?



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