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Great Britain Proof Sets


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Greetings all

I have just started collecting proof sets from Great Britain, I was very lucky and was able to pick the sets up for some very good prices.

The one thing I find though is the shipping can be very expensive. But there are bargains out there if you look around

I hope you enjoy my new collection (so fare)









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You might be pleased to know that the proof sets have quite low mintages, 1979, 81,000 lowest mintage of all the early proof sets, 1980, 143,400 mintage and the 1981 set 100,300. Also of interest to you might be that in the early years of decimal coinage not all coins were issued for circulation the best example of this is the 1972 set only the 25 pence piece was issued to the public all the other coins could only be found in this set. In 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1981, 1982. The 1981 set that you have includes a 5p piece that was not issued for circulation.


Hope you enjoy your collecting I like the decimal coinage and have collected the proof sets 1971-1981 then my collection continues up to date with the Brilliant Uncirculated sets that the Royal Mint issue.



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