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Need ID help with another Chinese coin


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If it came with okay stuff and providence isn't a problem, I'd say that it probably is some sort of contemporary pattern or private issue. I'd suggest contacting one of the auction houses in HK and see what they have to say.

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I have been trying to find any information on your coin for the past several days to no avail. The obverse identifies it as a Republic of China coin. The denomination is 10 wen (cash). There not many cash coins from that era that I am familiar with as having a chrysanthemum on the reverse. The chrysanthemum is mostly predominant in Japanese coins.


The Gansu province utilized four pointed rosettes. There was a 10 cash copper pattern minted from that mint around 1928, but I have no details on exactly what the design would have been. However, this province utilized the crossed flags on its reverse. Yet, that province did utilize the chrysanthemum with a dot in the middle.


And guess what......


I decided to just do a final web search and I found the coin graded NGC...Gansu pattern 1924 10 cash here.

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