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Tahiti banknote question


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I recently bought a well circulated 5 franc note from Tahiti (Papeete). It appears to be the P-11. The note features a signature combination that I cannot match up to any other that I've found while looking on the internet, and I currently do not have a set of currency references to look at to see if it's listed. The note has signatures (from left to right) titled Administrator and Director...the director's signature appears as a number of vertical scribbles - this signature can be seen as "president" on the left signature of some P-11b notes. Does anyone have a reference that lists the note that I have, and if so what is the reference number? I'll try to post some photo's later.

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According to my catalog, P11 has an A, B and C suffix. They read as follows:


5 Francs

ND. (1927). Brown. Helmeted woman at lower l.

a. Sign. titles: Un Administrateur and Le Directeur.

b. Sign. R. Thion de la Chaume and P Baudouin w/titles: Le President and Le Directeur General.

c. Sign. M Borduge and P. Badouin w/titles as b.


Hope that helps you out.

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If the serial of the note is low (i mean the letter and one-two numbers, but up to the alphabet 45 or so) and the right signature (directeur) is made like huge W's, it's a note signed by A. de Montplanet and Rene Thion de la Caume (the W guy) and it's the first combination of this signature (=Pick's French Indochina signature 6) on Tahiti notes.

If my feeling is right, it's indeed a Pick11a and that corresponds to Kolsky Musyznski 509a, and makes it a very rare note in any shape. I think it's the only signature known with this title but the french Tahiti is still a terra incognita .

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