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Medals database with integrated literature available for download & test

Guest rnsdb

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The Medals database of 620 medals and 830 prices is available for download and test here or at http://rnsdb.x10.mx/rnsdb


3 or more volunteers are needed to test it and post results to a topic on the site forum and/or on this forum which has a topic set up. It appears to size correctly on Vista/Win 7 laptops & possibly desktops. Adjustments to resolution and character size may or may not be needed as described in the readme. These may also work for XP systems. Feedback is needed. As you test, periodically check the download page for the date of the most recent key files and refresh as needed, as I upload new tweeks as I think of them or find bugs.


Features include:


1. The literature database of 476 Names, 625 reference works/auctions and 820 prices is now integrated, so you can run the functions of both

2. The medals database consists of 833 medals and 2035 prices

3. Both now include hyperlinks to importance references, auctions and 91 JRNS issues

4. Both include a keyword search capability

5. Both include automatic conversion of auction prices in eg marks into dollars using xchg rate/commission from the literature database

6. There is a powerful capability to filter from the 620 those medals having known forgeries and selecting one for display on a single screen side by side with its forgery(s) with the accompanying identifying text. The 1709 Battle of Poltava forgery is used for the test.

7. In the test is the Mikhailovich cabinet visitors medal filtered to showing all 11 auction occurrences sorted by year with links to JRNS #29 & JRNS #73 articles on the medal

8. Also in the test is Christies London 1979 Important Russian Coins and Metals filtered to show 33 lots of medals sorted by lot# & priced in marks converted to $. This auction included one of the 11 Mikhailovich cabinet visitors cabinet medals in 7 above

9. Ability to inventory a personal collection with a click of the mouse

10. Numerous choices for sorting displays and reports.....czar, year, metal, value, etc.

11. Numerous ways to filter to work with manageable sizes.....metal, rarity, importance, year range, etc


Screen shots for these functions are on the medals download page for review prior to download and test. These capabilities are built into the coins database as well


10 volunteer tasks to add images, forgeries, prices, JRNS title pages, etc are on the Forum. So far after a month, no one has run the literature demo, posted on the forum, or signed up for any of the 10 tasks on the forum.


The coins database will be available 10/20. Until copyright issues are resolved, it will be stripped of most Brekke and Severin entries except for overstrikes, selected rarities, and the 1912 Napoleon ruble forgery. It can be used for testing and adding forgeries, error coins, and wire money. It has all the features of the other two databases except more sort/filter options eg denomination



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The x10 web hosting server has been down all day 10/10. They are working on it but wont give any estimates. The only solution is to try from time to time. Hopefully if anyone has downloaded the files and is testing, you'll have enough to keep you busy


Update: The site is back up 10/11



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