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1899 Liberty Head $10 Gold Coin


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So I went to a PCGS dealer, and with a quick glance he said it's AU at best and not worth sending off for grading, offered $825 for it. I think that's a shame, but sending it off for express grading would be a $75 charge, if it comes out as AU or even under 63, then I just wasted 10% of the coin value but I could make that back easily if it does grade over. All he mentioned was the wear on it, and the rim ding, so I don't know what to do now, whether he's just trying to pick my coin up on a discount because I'm clueless or whether he's trying to save me the grading fee.

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I don't see any actual wear from circulation on this piece that would warrant an AU grade. Looks fully lustred, including the high points. The rim bumps are pretty minor. I don't think that they would prevent it from getting into a problem-free slab at either PCGS or NGC.


The dealer isn't necessarily a bad/dishonest guy, but since he is in business to make money, he can't be shelling out MS+ money for a coin that could end up only being AU. So my offering AU money he won't lose on the coin, but could also make a very nice profit.


I'd take my chances at getting it slabbed myself. If you have some other coins worth getting graded, joining PCGS yourself gets you a voucher for I think 8 free submissions (all must be used at the same time, economy or standard service only though?).

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My only question would be the rim ding around 9 o'clock on the obverse. I don't slab coins, so I can't say that it is a problem for certain. I would agree that it does not appear to be circulated, but I suspect the grade is hard to predict given that ding.

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Looks to be at least MS62 with a beautiful reverse. I have the same date in a PCGS MS60 holder and your coin is much nicer.


I would send it in to NGC to be certified, as there are many counterfeits floating around. If it come back MS63 go back to the dealer and ask him.....


"Who's the man?" :tease:

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The coin does appear to have some wear. I agree with the AU at best opinion. The color is also off. This might just be the pic, but a pinkish hue on a gold coin can be the sign of a dip. The rim ding might also keep it out of a slab. I would not send this one in for grading. It is a beautiful coin, but not enough return to get her slabbed.

Here is a quarter eagle of mine also from 1899 in a PCGS 64 slab as a comp for what the slab companies are looking for in a MS gold.



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