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Need Help Identifying 19 old British Coins

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1893 Maundy 3 pence. The third of three.

Weighs 1.41 grams with a diameter of 16mm.

Which one should I keep? :)




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Last coin from the lot.....


Norwich Twopence token

Assumed weight 45.4g with a diameter of 41mm.

Undated, probably between 1800-1815

Davis #17


OBV: Robert Blake - Cotton & Bombazine Manufacturer - Norwich

REV: Norwich Two Penny Piece - For Change Not Profit

EDGE: Center grained





That's all folks!

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What a great buy. I would go with the 3rd 1893 Maundy 3 pence, with #2 a close second.


Great minds think alike.

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Hello Hiho,


On that 1697 Farthing at the top, it appears that the 6 and 9 in the date are doubled. Does anyone know if that is common in coins from that era? Is it a value adder or just something common. It seems pretty sharply struck twice.


Just curious.




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Good eyes Nicolas!


I think that doubling and other errors were fairly common at the time before the minting process became more sophisticated and dependable.


Interesting coin nevertheless.

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