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Big, Bold, Battered But Beautiful, Lion Hunt 1869 Repoussé

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A Lion Hunt plaque by Gaetan Faraoni, editeur Léopold Oudry; Bronze repoussé, lead filled, 128mm, 1869.


A naked horseman with a spear, an axeman on foot, a prostrate wounded lion in a desert scene(not sure if that is a pyramid extreme left) signed L. OUDRY pre EDITEUR. G. Faraoni. 69


Repoussé is working on the reverse of metal to form a raised design on the front, chasing is working to refine the design on the front of the work by sinking the metal.



Here are also several specimens of excellent repousse, in copper, in different stages of progress; among them, a beautiful work, by an artisan, Gaetan Faraoni, who obtained for it the prize " Crozatier," given for the best work in a competition of Paris workmen" he also won the "Laureats Du Concours Crozatier" in 1863 & 1866 another award from the 1863 L'Exposition Des Beaux-Arts Appliques A L'Industrie, medal Ist class for sculpture.


Faraoni was born in Cremona Italy early in the 19th century but moved to Paris where he became a scupltor, engraver & repousser. He produced work for the "House of Victor Paillard" & for Léopold Oudry.


Léopold Oudry owned a foundry in Paris & hired artists to produce various works of repoussé, which, by electrotyping, he would replicate. This repoussé by Faraoni is one of his electrotype copies. He also patented an electrotyping process in France & England in 1855 for the metal plating of wood.


I have seen a jewelery/trinket box, produced by Oudry, which used this as a lid.

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Battered but beautiful indeed. Appears to have hit the floor numerous times. Or perhaps used in lieu of a hockey puck...


Fantastic photo Constanius, really shows off the high relief.

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Ditto. I had your post (with the big photo of the medal) on my screen yesterday and was about to write how much I liked it when a student came into my office. He may have wondered just what sort of stuff I was looking at online... :bthumbsup:

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