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Australia 1947 King george VI Florin silver coin with half reeded edge?Possible unique?Help please

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First of all,I would like to say hi to all the members in this forum once again and I have not yet been logging here for sevaral months because I was busy for working,the good news is that I am free from now onward start from today.


I have just found a piece of Australia 1947 King george VI Florin silver coin from my personal coin collection and the problem is that I have never seen anything like this before if it is an error or an unique coin ever came across by me.I have also thought of many possible types of error but none of them error is exactly same like this one and I really have no more idea of what kind of error coin is this or perhap it must be treated it as an unique piece.


There is half reeded edge and another half is smooth edge on the security edge.Beside that,there is an unusual eye and the eye is widely opened on obverse side.I have seen the entire reeded edge or just the smooth edge on the security edge but not both of them together right on the security edge to be honest and for sure this is the first time that I have ever seen something like this one.Unfortunely,I cannot confirm if it is considered as an unique coin or not because I am not an expert in Australia coin and that is why I need the experts to help me to identify if this is an unique coin or not and also tell me what happened to this coin during the processing.Please explain everything in detail and tell me if thing happened like this one is common or rare on any other foreign coins outside there,you can give me your personal opinion for it.Another thing is what it is worth if it is an unique coin and a rare piece?Please answer my question and I will apprieciate your help very much as usual.I will always share interesting things with all of you if I discovered something new.Please refer to the scans below and see carefully and let me know what you think.The last thing I want to say is I will get back to you as soon as possible after your reply to me,hope to hear from you.Please check it out and let me know what you think.Thank you.





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