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2012 Grover Cleveland Dollar--Missing Date and MM


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As a result of my ongoing album building of the Presidential dollar series I netted a 2012 P Grover Cleveland (1st Term) with a very light edge lettering. The edge is missing the date and the mint mark with the remaining stars and motto very week. Coin World has reported a few minus the edge lettering completely. With my find I now believe that the edge lettering machine went progressively belly up and as a result produced some coins with very light edge lettering and then some without (or visa versa). My dollar came out of a $100 mint bag purchased directly from the Mint. Anyone else with similar finds?

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Shortly after the Grover Cleveland (1st term) dollar came out I went to my coin dealer and bought a few Ps and Ds for myself and a fellow collector to put in our books. As I was sorting them out I noticed 1 had a completely blank edge (would have been a P mintmark.)I showed it to my dealer and he acted like it was no big deal. I had read about the 4 others in Coinworld and wondered why this one was any different. I heard the others could be worth up to 2,000 or so. I took it to a coin shop in my area and they didn't seem to care either. So I had it in a capsule and put it away til I could send it out for grading. This was around this time last year. I sent it to ANACS and it came back MS61 Missing Edge Lettering. Haven't really done anything with it since. Here are pics of it.image.jpgimage.jpg

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That's a great find. I have a few Cleveland dollars around but I've never checked them out. I'll do so tonight.

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