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George V. Gold 1/2 Crown


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I have this coin it seems to be a rather worn George V 1/2 crown and I think by what I can see of the date c1912. However its gold and its not paint. I have had a look through as many coin sites as possible and cannot find any specials which were made, plus I wonder why such poor condition. Has anyone any idea what it is?



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Your coin appears to be a poorly made cast copy of a halfcrown in brass, with the silver plating long worn off.


Counterfeits of British silver coins in lead and brass are known to have been made at least until the 1920s.

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Metals do not necessarily tarnish - it depends on the climate and conditions they're stored in.


Late Victorian pennies with full luster and their original brilliant orange-red color are not infrequently offered for sale, to use one example.

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