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1953 Jefferson Nickel Edge (Error Question)

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I am an amatuer, casual coin collector...


The other day, I visited a well-respected local area coin shop in Seattle to fill out my Whitman Coin Folder, Jefferson Nickels from 1938 to 1961.


One of the dates, 1953 S that I purchased had this edge to it that appears to not be perfectly minted?


Thought I'd post a couple of pictures as to what I am referring to...


...anyone here please feel free to comment on this. Is this considered an error? ...or is this within the acceptable range of manufacturing a coin?


...I belive that this coin is in good to very good circulated condition otherwise. I am not an experienced collector, but I took notice of this coin's edge...I've read and seen examples of obvious coin errors that actually enhance the value...would this coin's value be more because of this minor defect?


Sorry about the quality...I had to reduce the picture to have them upload...but if you look closely, you can see what I am referring to...

Capture Jefferson Coin Edge.JPG

Capture Jefferson Coin Tails Side.JPG

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Welcome to Coinpeople!


As for the value - shouldn't be worth more than the standard collector value of that year and date. Doesn't seem to be a major error.


I'm no error expert so I don't know if that's an error or even what caused it. Hopefully someone else here can tell us!

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