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Alexander III the Great tetradrachm


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Hello everyone, my name is Carlos and I'm new to coinpeople. I wanted to ask you a question about a tetradrachm of Alexander the Great I have. I'd like to know if it's genuine or fake. I'm asking because I've seen a coin on Wikipedia with a very similar die, although the flan and centering are a bit different.

Thanks on advance!


Here's the coin from Wikipedia: http://commons.wikim....jpg?uselang=es




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Welcome, Carlos! I certainly know NOTHING about ancients but that does not look authentic to me. There are many people here who can tell you the right answer. Good luck! Hope it's real!

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$T2eC16d,!yUE9s6NFmyCBP8VSgIfbQ~~60_14.jpg251098869457_2.jpgWelcome Carlos, I'm also some what new to coinpeople and to Ancient coin collecting, I specialize in Roman Republic silver denarius mostly. Anyway, I was burned by a Sweedish seller claim to be from Spain (named Ollee), a month ago, but thru ebays buyers protection, got my full refund. In my case, Coinpeople member (Scottishmoney) helped me, he said it is a cast fake of an Alexander III tetradrachm - it just has the look of a fake, the metal is NOT silver - it is some pewter with a high lead content that is soft and the result is the damage. He said they come from Bulgeria and other middle east countrys and its illegal to export, needless to say, sell fakes like I did on ebay. The key on spotting a fake, does it sound silver when dropped? Also the weight grams will give it away. More important, on mine, Hercules has a small spot weld on his right shoulder...You might want to read my transcript on this site on July 19 th... here is my pics of this fake Drechmacoin :also, checkout my small coin collection, if you want to see it, is @ salbruno's photobucket -- just type in your search engine... hope you get what you are looking for and best of luck.
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