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One of the underrated Chinese coins - Pei Yang coins


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Got hold of this unusual coin -




Note that it's noted in both Chinese and English as well as Manchu script.


This particular coin was one of the more radical coins as it was first introduced in 1896 in terms of denomination. The new denominations were half-10 cents (5 cents), 10 cents, 20 cents, half yuan and one yuan. Silver coins around that era were still issued in terms of mace and candareens. Back then, it was 1 yuan = 7.2 mace. This was so radicial that the public didn't like it and the mint was pretty much forced to reissue coins back in the old weight denomination.


More can be read here: http://www.dragondollar.com/coins/tag/chinese-dragon// - some guy got really, really lucky!


This is a good addition to my other coins:






I really don't know what makes this coin really appealing but it just draws me in. Maybe you can get as lucky as that guy on the blog.

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