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Help Please... - old Singapore coins


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To all coin people :D,


I'm a newbie to this forum and to the coin world.

Could you guys help me with something? It may sound naive to some of you out there. But it's ok, this is why I start off with "I'm a newbie". ;)


I just received some old Singaporean coins from my grandma. Apparently she has been holding them for awhile.


I wonder what's their value now.


They are:

Singapore 50 cents range from 1967 to 1982

Singapore 20 cents range from 1967 to 1980

Singapore 10 cents range from 1967 to 1980

Singapore 5 cents from 1967


If their value is their face value. I'm just going to use them to buy lunch. :grin:


Thanks all!

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They should be worth slightly more than their face value - probably about twice? Depends on the year. Dollar coins from that era are another story. If it is a gift from your grandmom, you might as well keep it as a memento for a while. Welcome to coinpeople by the way. :art:


Thank you gxseries. And thanks for the info.

But generally, where would a person go to sell the coins for twice their face value though? I'm very curious.

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