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Cuban Currency : Interesting & Affordable ?


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Technically speaking I don't believe that the modern communist era pesos are legal to own in the USA - but a lot of people have them of course. I believe the importation of Cuban financial obligations and selling of them violate those ludicrous embargo laws implemented from the 1960's on up through the 1990's. I have a few Cubans myself, of course lots of oldies but goodies that were printed in London during the 19th century.








As for anything more modern, I guess I just say 'nuf said!

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Very interesting designs. I think I have one piece of fairly modern Cuban currency in my collection. But I haven't seen it in a while.

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I don't believe that it's illegal to own Cuban currency or coins. My understanding is that it's illegal to import them from Cuba but collectors are allowed to own and trade them. We have a coin club nearby that is dedicated to Cuban coins and currency and they have researched the laws extensively.

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eBay has taken to removing all listings of Cuban coins and paper money.


That's interesting. I'll contact the fellow who's the President of the Hispanic Numismatic Association here and find out what he can tell me about it. I do in fact have some Cuban notes and coins.

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