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Malaysia parlimen house 20 sen freak coin?Help me

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Hi to all the members in this forum once again and hope everyone is fine over here,miss all of you very much because I have not yet been logging here for such a long time aready.I want to show everyone a Malaysia freak coin that was discovered by me recently from my personal collection.Here is a piece of Malaysia 1977 Parlimen house 20 sen coin and the coin has a huge piece of metal raised on the rim at the bottom centre part on reverse side,it is not a rim bumps but extra metal raised on the rim because the side is still in perfect condition at the bottom centre part on reverse side of this coin after I have seen it over and over again as guarantee by me.Unfortunely,I not sure what happened to this coin and probably it is not an error coin because I cannot find any type of error coin looks exactly like this in the 18 recognised common error coins list on a website.I really have no idea what caused this to happen and I think that this coin is completely a freak coin if it is something cannot be explained and not considered as an error coin,this is just of what I thought but I cannot confirm about it because I am not a coin expert.That is why I need the coin experts over here to help me to identify if this is a freak coin or not and tell me what happened to this coin during the processing period.Please give me your personal opinions and explainations in detail to me then I will be satisfied to understand everything.


I believe old Malaysia freak coin is very uncommonly seen and not intentionally make freak coin if it is a freak coin confirm by someone else later on,this is just my personal opinion but I still need someone else to confirm about it.Please help me to identify if this considered as a freak coin or not and your help is very much apprieiciated by me as usual and I will get back to you as soon as possible after your reply to me,hope to hear from you very soon.Please refer to the scans below and see carefully especially the raised part on the rim.Thank you.




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It's what you call a die cud. Don't know how common it is with Malaysian 20 sen but it is with Australian 2 dollar coins.


What it is essentially is part of the die started to fall off, hence you have the excessive metal that did not get struck.


Yes,you are certainly right about it that is a die cud or rim cud just like someone else said the same thing like you did on above and I have to fully agree with you.I thought it was a freak coin because I have never seen anything like this before this as a coin collector but my thought was wrong until I have just realized that it is a rim cud happened on this coin and everything is clear to me now.My questions are if this rim cud is considered as an error or just a variety and does it brings any special value to my coin if it is very uncommon piece?Hope you can answer my questions.Thank you.

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Value is determined by the market. Regardless of how scarce it may be, if no one wants it, it's worth face value. If someone wants to pay a high price for it, that's what you end up. Rim cuds may be classified as errors but it's not as dramatic as you want it to be.


Yes,I have to fully agree with you that the value is determined by the current market and it is all depend on the seller price,it is very scarce for this error coin as a Malaysia coin collector for so many years.It is not a serious major error but it is so obvious to look at the extra part on the rim at the bottom centre part of the coin and it is placed nicely.Thank you.

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