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Need help with coins I inherited. $10 $5 gold coins from 1844 to 1908.


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I have inherited 3- $10 gold coins and 3- $5 gold coins ranging from 1844 to 1908. I need help on what is the best thing to do with them and what prices could be worth. Should I get them graded because they are in great condition. I am unsure and need help.


- 1844 o $10 gold

- 1881 $10 gold

- 1908 $10 gold


-1886 s $5 gold

-1895 $5 gold

-1896 s $5 gold



I have also inherited from 1900's silver DIME coins in a bag that weighs 30 lbs.


If anyone could help me on what I should do I would be much appreciated thank you.

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You need to give us some more information in order to help. Do you want to sell them, or are you thinking of becoming a collector?


If you want to sell them, you need to see a reputable dealer. We can give you some ideas if you let us know where you live (nearest large city is probably close enough). We can't give you a real idea of value without knowing the condition and the dates of the dimes that might be present in your big bag. If we assume eveything is average circulation and no rare dimes, you might be looking at something in the $4,000 to $5,000 range book value. Book prices would start climbing if there are high quality pieces, but it would require working with a dealer to get the better pieces slabbed and would require some investment. Keep in mind that what you think great condition might be and what we think great condition might be might not be the same. Absent quality pictures, we don't know if we are using the same language.


If you are looking to start collecting, you've got some good gold pieces to get you started. Next step is to open the bag of dimes and start sorting. Buy a coin catalog and a collecting book, and some dime albums to match the types of dimes you have. Start filling in the holes, replacing what you put in the album with better pieces as you run across them. If you don't have a taste for collecting when you have finished, think about selling them.


You haven't told us how old you are. If you have kids, you might want to think about using the coins to help get them started with collecting before selling the rest.


Whatever you do, do not clean or polish the coins. That will lower their value.

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I would like to hold on to the Gold pieces I believe but would def. like to know prices. The silver coins I would consider average condition but I could be wrong and I would be willing to sell them. I am 26 years old. As for the gold coins they have been stored away for over 75 years that I know of. Pictures which I will post tomorrow will determine what everyone would consider the condition of the coins.

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Unless you plan on selling all those, why spend money on having them graded and slabbed? Just store them as best as you can and you'll have something for tomorrow. You can always get them graded later if you plan on selling them. If not, just spend some time looking up all the price guides on the internet. Such as Numismedia or the PCGS web site. It could be fun knowing what they are worth today and who knows, even much more tomorrow.

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