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Please help identify 2 Chinese banknote s


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The first note is a 10 yuan note, issued by the Monetary Bureau of Hulunbeier in 1919. This institution was founded in Dec. 1917, a part of the necessary money came from the city of Hulunbeier, which is now called Hailaer, another part of the money came from private investors.

Before the Monetary Bureau of Hulunbeier issued its notes mostly Russian ruble notes were used in Hulunbeier (situated in Inner Mongolia), but due to the October Revolution in Russia there was a shortage of ruble notes. So these notes were issued.

The notes were printed by a well known factory in Binjiang, which is just another name for Haerbin (capital of Heilongjiang province). The name of the printer is Molintang.


The 2nd note is a 5 yuan note dated 1908. It was issued by a small commercial bank, the Xin-yi Savings Bank. The note could be used (only) in Tianjin. (the note also exists with Shanghai and Hankou)


Both notes are not scarce.



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Erwin - thanks for your input and attributions! I have to say that I've never seen either note before. Then again, I usually only see notes of the "big 4" + Kwangtung provincial bank around here.

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