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a bunch of italians


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I bought a few roman bronzes and a couple of Sicilian bronzes last month. All of them are relatively scarce, but not in the category of being stellar examples.....hence their affordability for me :)


The first is an Ae Antoninianus of the very short lived Roman Emperor Quintillus (270 ad)




The second is a silvered Ae Antoninianus of another fairly short lived Roman Emperor, this time Carus (282-3 ad)




The third is a fairly rare example of a double centenionalis of the Roman Emperor Magnentius....again, short lived (350-3 ad)




The fourth is a centenionalis of Magnentius's brother , Decentius (also 350-3 ad), who committed suicide on learning of his brothers death




Then there was another relatively scarce Ae1 (28mm) of Julian II ,aka `The Apostate' (360 -3 ad) .




At the foot of Italy in Bruttium was a town called Rhegium which produced bonze coins circa 270 bc just like the one below. Obverse Apollo (if you look really closely). Reverse a tripod....nothing to do with War of the Worlds though.




finally an Ae7 from Syracuse circa 370 bc.



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