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ANACS Photo Certs


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Hi all :yes:

Just thought I would see who out here might like these old ANACS Photo Certs and might like to receive a research paper I did on them.

The article cover 18 years that the ANA owned ANACS and it covers 10 different photo cert types and I have some info from the first graded that was at ANACS in 1978.


I don't have anyway to put a link on the internet for a down load copy for you to get easy.

You would have to PM me with a email address so I can sent it to you. File size is: PDF 4.3 meg


I hope you all might like it.



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Hi Folks

I have seen this mans work before, and I must say it is OUTSTANDING!!!

He puts so much time and researches into what he writes, and his knowledge on this subject is amazing.

I would recommend you take him up on his offer if this is something that interests you, you will not be disappointed.


Thanks Bob very few people would put this much work into something and just give it away.

All the Best


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Thanks Alan

I just had so much fun researching it and meeting new people.

and I just want to pass on some info to the many people out there.


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