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Need some info on a Saudi coin please


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I have a coin that I need to get some info on. I would appreciate any help I could get.


This coin has "MOM 22" on it, don't think it is MDM 22 but can't be 100%. There are some better pics online of this coin, without the MOM 22 if you need them.





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It looks very much like Krause Saudi Arabia KM #36, a "guinea" gold trade coin. The Arabic date is 1370, which corresponds to AD 1950. I must be blind, because I don't see any MOM anywhere. KM #36 contains 0.2355 Troy ounce of gold and it weighs 7.9881 grams.


I have no idea if it's genuine. You can probably find similar pieces on eBay now that you have the Krause number.

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