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A Quality Imitation 1/2 Spade Guinea by Simcox & Timmins 1800.

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Brass 20mm dated 1800 and probably produced at that time.

All imitation spade guineas were not created equal, some of the earliest were made contemporary to the spade guineas themselves(no genuine spades were dated 1800) and were well executed, like this 1/2 spade guinea by George Simcox & Timmins(the S & T below bust), George Simcox active from 1791, a buckle & toy maker Birmingham.

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Good point to make, being a history buff & especially interested in exonumia from this period I knew that already, but I suspect most people don't, so a very useful bit of info :) Simcox was also descibed as buckle, counter & ring manufacturer and as a brass-founder.


Thomas Simcox(1725-1788) owned a brass-foundery in Livery Street Birmingham, which he left to his son George(1763-1831), George resided at Harborne Hall & was also a county J.P.


George Simcox had a few partnerships, one being with Timmins another being with Pemberton.

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Is that considered a spiel-marke piece? Or just an advertising token?


Neither, it is a gambling/card counter, some others were used for advertising by changing the reverse inscription from the genuine guinea inscription to an advertisement, see this link for examples & some more detail re imitation spade guineas http://www.coinpeopl...__1#entry506831 be sure to read all the replies for more detail :)

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