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Help needed with crazy error coin - double struck dollar


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I bought this at the weekkend from an old guy who was selling off his collection. Any ideas how this could of happened as only one side is doubled. The coin weights right, not magnetic and is the correct size and thus I'm 95% sure its not a fake.


Also What would be a value on something like this, as I'm not sure if I paid too much. Thanks, Tom

1967 double dollar.jpg

1967 double dollar otherside .jpg

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I think it well established that the double struck dollars were deliberately made by mint employees. One online site lists values:




I believe the Canadian courts declared them legal to own since they could have been struck accidently. I think having only the reverse die rotated, rather than the struck coin having rotated in the dies, suggests someone struck the coin, rotated one die, and struck it again. I would have it authenticated since all the examples I can find are rotated on both sides. If your piece is genuine, I think it pretty well confirms that it was made deliberately.

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