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Can someone help with exact attribution of the 1793 Conder token

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Can someone help with the specific attribution of the Conder token I just got. I have been able to identify so far that it is a Lancashire Manchester half penny, possibly DH (D&H) 135A, however the NGC slab describing a similar coin lists only "PAYABLE IN MANCHESTER" while my token's edge lettering is "PAYABLE IN MANCHESTER LONDON AND BRISTOL". Despite a relative preservation of the edge lettering it is crude and uneven, so I have had to guess about Bristol, it may be something else. Same source - Internet coin dealer listing notes that the token was issued to commemorate the construction of The Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal, begun in 1791. Will appreciate a confirmation.


Also opinions on the grade will be valuable as I do not have much experience with the Conder tokens.


I know it is not a rare token there is at least half a dozen of them listed on the eBay albeit in poor quality, so I hope some info can be shared.



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"Artists- Mainwaring, Arnold and Dixon Manufacturer- Lutwyche.

There was a John Fielding, warehouseman, of 12, Back Falkner Street, and a groccer of the same name at 27, Withey Grove. It is within the range of possibility that the warehouseman was the issuer of the token #135, if not also that of #127, as both have the same edge reading"


Kestrel's Nest(on-line) " The token shows the arms of the Duke of Bridgewater on the obverse with the words SUCCESS TO NAVIGATION. The issuer was John Fielding, a Manchester grocer and tea dealer. Presumably his stock was imported at Liverpool and brought to him by the Bridgewater Canal. It is probable that the tokens were used to pay his staff and as change in his shop. He issued two other tokens with arms of the Grocers Company and East India Company symbols on them. This token is also common, four tons being struck. The diesinker was F Arnold and the manufacturer Wm. Lutwyche of Birmingham"


Yours is 135c, I assume you are miss reading Manchester for Lancaster(you said the edge lettering it is crude and uneven), and is common.

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