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RBS £1 Notes 19th March 1969


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I have 10 Royal Bank Of Scotland Limited £1 notes dated 19th March 1969 which are in sequence and mint condition.


I am contemplating selling them but am not sure how much to expect for them and wondered if anyone could give me any advice.


How much, generally speaking, would I expect to get for them ?


I could sell them as all ten, or individually or split them into say 5 individuals and a set of 5


Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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it's your decision, for me 10 consecutives are not better then 5 and 5. My Pick catalogue shows a value of 50 $ for one note in UNC.

For 10, probably not 500 $ yet 350 or even 400.

But i am not specialized in Great Britains notes....

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Consecutively serialed notes from that era are interesting - but I usually never collect them in more than 2 notes. I have some consecutive notes back to the 1930s from RBS and BoS - and they are worth more than individual notes. But when you go with more than 2 notes the prices for multiples start to slide down. The 1969 dated notes are pretty common, a lot of people saved them because they were a brand new design from the recently merged Royal Bank of Scotland LTD which was the amalgamation of National Commercial and Royal Bank that year. The valuable notes from that era are the Bank of Scotland notes from 68-70 and the British Linen notes from the last issue in 1970 before it was taken over by BoS.

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