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Joh. Enschede


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They have created just about all of my favorite modern banknotes!!! For Dutch countries...


They are usually called upon to create banknotes with a very special, modern looking design, while keeping the look of a banknote of course. The printing company has also been employed to print Euro notes for five countries.


I posted this note in another thread, sorry for the repetition, but here is the 500 Florin Aruba note from the 1993 series:






Here's a cool promotional note:





More FANTASTIC J.E. Dutch notes:












Dutch notes are my specialty...

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hehe, in the about 36.5 years I've been here in the Netherlands, I used all notes that were issued during my life.


And I can't count the number of crisp UNC 50 gulden sunflower notes I've folded :ninja:;)


Johannes Enschede also makes passports and other high security documents.

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hehe, well in those days they were legal circulating tender, worth about $25 and I would get them at the ATM in crisp UNC as many as I wanted (or my account allowed me :ninja:)


And unfolded they wouldn't fit in my wallet....



I really would like one, but it is in line behind the 1945 25 Florin.

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It is a lovely note that looks much better in hand when you appreciate the details in it. Looking at pictures in catalogs or even in images just don't do it for this note.


I owned two or three of these, including an AU+ star note, but none were as nice as this one Scottishmoney. A real find. :ninja:

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