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Help some unidentified coins ?


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Hi there, I'm

New to here and have joined up with the hope of broadening my knowledge and findIng out what these coins are ? Thanks in advance, Mark.





I believe this one is Hungarian and Was told its something to do with knights Templars ?





I was told its some sOrt of farthing ?





Not a clue on this one other than its queen vic


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Welcome! You may wish to adjust the macro settings on your camera to get crisper pictures since for some it'd hard to see the details.


#2... does look like a farthing.

#3... appears to be Queen Elizabeth I

#4... appears to be French

#5... is a Roman antonianius from the mid-late 3rd century. That may well be Pegasus. Clearer pictures of both sides would help with a more precise attribution

#7... Japan, 100 yen, 1964. .600 silver. Circulated specimens usually trade for their bullion value, which is about $2.50-$3.

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