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Just found this site

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I was reading posts on another site when a link prompted me to this forum.Looks very interesting so here I am


I have been colecting Canadian 1 cent pieces for 25 years The collection includes all of the years except for the 1936 dot of course for which I have a replica. All the coins have been certified by either ICCS of Toronto of CCCS of Montreal.Most pieces are in Mint State.

I have quite a few errors and varieties and always trying to upgrade budget permitting.

Wiht the parution of new numismatic material by both Dr. Haxby and Mr Turner and inclusion of new varieties in the Charlton Catalogue,I now focus my interest on the large cents portion .


I am a retired constructiuon project manager now living in Quebec in the summer and travelling to Florida to spend the winter.I will add this site to my daily routine and hope to meet new collectors in the different topics of mutual interest.

1859 MS-62RB  Narrow 9 Triple punched 9.jpg

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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. That's a nice Large Cent in your post. Glad you decided to join us. We have quite a few folks who are into Canadian Coin and a number of Canadian members as well.

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Welcome :art: I collect Canadian commemorative medals, as well as European and a few US medals but coins are, with the odd ancient or medieval example, outside my remit. That said I would like to see the reverse to with the narrow triple struck 9.

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Just found how to include photos with the reply.Here is the reverse

1859 triple punched low 9  FAR rev.jpg

The close up is too big,I will have to reformat it if you want to see it.



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