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What a story.....


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Seems like he was robbed of millions then they tracked down 90% of the coins (except the big ones)...

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I've dealt with him and he sures seems to be a very nice and reliable fellow. I have to always ask myself "Why?". Wouldn't an armored car delivery or armed escorts be worth the money when there's this much at stake? It's almost a miracle that some of these dealers haven't been hurt or killed in their show travels.

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Two were killed! (or nearly)


And I believe I've dealt with him before too at the Baltimore shows I go to. Don't remember for sure but it's still sad.


As for the armored car, I assume that the paperwork is a deterrent :-/

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I'd imagine that the armored vehicle would draw too much attention and you never know the thieves could some how get control of the car through bribes or a variety of things, besides when dealing with $4 mill in coins you can't trust anyone and if I had that much in coins I would be the one driving.



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