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Advice or opinions on mis-stamped 20p


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Hi, I recently found a mis stamped 20p piece in my change. It's not one of the undated ones but it appears as though when it was stamped (or however they do it) the coin wasn't sat correctly. It's only slightly off but thought I'd ask people who know about this stuff before disregarding it.

Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.




Hmmm. Just tried adding two photos of the coin but I'm using an IPad and it doesn't do flash. Any advice on posting images. Sorry if this is covered somewhere that I haven't read.

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With regards to the off-centre coin, its value lies in the extent to which it is off-centre.


As for photos, try uploading them to something like Photobucket and then posting them here.

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It certainly is an off-centre error but is of no great significance. Either way, it's worth more than 20 pence to someone!

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