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Help needed, I'm a complete newbie to this!!


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I have recently bought a new house and whilst doing DIY I've found some coins hidden in random places. I was just after some info on the coins. What they are? Are they rare? Do they hold any value? And what I should do with them?


They are probably nothing special, but would like to find out a bit about them.


1. BeFunky_Coin1.jpg BeFunky_Coin2.jpg


It does look like a normal coin, not 100% sure if it could be a date over print though, not sure what I'd be looking for.



2. BeFunky_Coin3.jpg BeFunky_Coin4.jpg


The reverse of this coin is upside down, once again I'm not sure if that means anything or not.


If you need any more info please ask, I have no idea about coins so I'm not really sure what you'd need.


Kind Regards



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Okay, sounds like they're both pennies if I'm not mistaken.


The 1797 is relatively common, though your piece is better than usual for the type. Value - perhaps $10-20?


The 1858 is quite nice - catalogue value for a non overdate 1858 is £95 - though I'm not sure what they actually sell for.

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