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What type of error penny

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Please help.

I have a 1918 wheat penny that has ONE CENT written on the back where it is suppose to be and then it says ONE CENT again sideways over the original ONE CENT. Where it has the over print the coin is bent. It looks like another coin was imprinted on top of it. On the reverse side it looks like another coin was pressed over it because on Abraham face it has the year 1918 imprinted into it in very large letters and half of the word "TRUST" is missing. I don't know much about error coins I mostly focus on paper money. But if someone has any idea of what I'm talking about could you please help. I also want to know what something like this would be worth.

Thank You.

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Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be a mint error - in my opinion someone sandwiched this coin between what looks like a wheat cent and a liberty nickel and smashed with a hammer - resulting in the designs from the other coins showing up incused and backwards on this coin.

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