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Hi - a bit of advice please

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As is implied by the name my general interest is collecting old fountain pens but around 10 years ago I used to call in at a coin shop once a week, for many years, and buy some English silver, typically a pre 1920 shilling, florin and half crown. When the shop closed down I stopped buying.


My pen hobby is through www.fountainpennetwork.com where there is active buying and selling with sunday night on ebay as being the second best place to sell.


An interesting pen can easily find 50/60 bids. There doesnt seem to be the same activity for coin sales, or am I missing something?


Are the real collectors looking for something much older and Victorian/Edwardian coins a little too ordinary?


If I were to advise the seller of a pen collection, that had nothing special, I would probably suggest a job lot on ebay, choice items being sold individually. Would you offer the same advice to a coin hoarder like me?


Appreciate any advice, thanks.

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It depends. With these coins it depends primarily on condition with the date or type rarity coming second. If the coins you have don't fall into these categories then it's often best to sell as a lot.


Let us know roughly what you've got and maybe we can help.

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Appreciate the reply, thanks.


Just pulled out a few coins at random


24 Florins 1915-1955


2 Half crowns 1918, 1920


1839 Shilling


1881 farthing


1917 3d


1838 silver 2d


1841 silver 1 1/2 d


Presumably the last 2 are not uk?



must be around 200 coins in total



Any advice on how to proceed to sale would be appreciated, job lot, job lot by country etc






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Depending on how much work you wish to do (taking seperate pictures and having seperate listings), but if you have time, and listing fees aren't a concern, I'd suggest the following may help maximize what you'd realize:


lot 1: shilling

lot 2: farthing

lot 3: 2x 2d

lot 4: 1 1/2d

lot 4: other silver pre-1919

lot 5: other silver pre-1946

lot 6: c/nickel (1947 and later)


Of course this is not definitive. The 3d might be sellable on its own, but would probably be more trouble that it's worth.

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