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Strange eagle


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Hi, been lurking around here for a while, and since these forums have a dedicated corner for Russian coins, I thought this is something that might fit in here.

This particular coin looks like another one from a recut die, possibly from the transitional type? Looks kind of messed up, and I constantly get a feeling that the cross on top of the orb is going somewhere.





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There are at least 3 main types of eagle in 5 kopecks of 1779. (Let's not discuss small differences, because their number is great.) Yours is known as "transitional" type, and it is the most common type of eagle in the 1779th year.

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The eagle shown is in fact a transitional eagle. But in my humble opinion it is less common than the final eagle shown below which continued for the following years.

Sigi :crazy:



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and yep, have not seen an awful lot of these around, but I'm not into type business anyway. I tend to take each piece individually, because it's character is more important than the coin itself.

This one I bought because it looks rather nice and because the eagle's right wing resembles something like a badly patched blanket. Had a similar coin long time ago, but that one was so corroded that I could not tell.

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