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NGC resubmission thoughts


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Hi everyone -


Some of us like slabbing and i happen to be among those.


I purchased an expensive rouble from a very reputable dealer who has a seven day return policy. He pointed out the flaws in the coin but also suggested it was an excellent piece with no problems he could see. It has great eye appeal. Image should be attached.


While he detests slabbing, he sent the coin in for me to be slabbed as I requested. After seven weeks, the coin was returned with the news that the coin is of questionable authenticity. But the plot thickened today when he sent me that news from NGC.


He revealed for the first time what he had not revealed before: He purchased the coin in an NGC slab at "AU details", He showed me the image of the broken slab. He dislikes slabs so much that he broke it out after he purchsed it.


He called NGC about this. I would accept it at that AU details "grade" but a resubmission is no guarantee of getting different results. He could send the coin in again with the borken slab and we would see. I am not sure i could afford a higher grade coin.


So I am thinking over what to do: Resubmit or take the money and run. Best - DAJ



1898 Alexander II memorial 1898.JPG

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NGC is now really paranoid about grading Russian coins. And it is getting worse. It is becoming tiresome for the community to be getting questinable, unverifiable, no decission, not genuine grades on perfectly good coins. NGC just does not want the liability. Yet they gladly take the money for writing silly labels. Sorry, I do not know what to suggest.

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NGC has already branded the coin as of questionable authenticity. They will most likely recognize it when they see it again and you will get the same verdict. If you still want it slabbed, you might want to consider sending it to PCGS instead. However, the doubt expressed by NGC should represent a sufficient reason for returning the coin to the dealer. And you would not be having a nagging feeling that the coin in your possession might be just an expensive fake. Just my opinion.

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