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Something to wonder with modern circulating Russian coins


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There's something that I never understood of how Russia markets modern coins. I'm given the impression that coins whether it is 10 ruble commemorative coins or regular coins are not given a lot of attention as most countries would. For instance, it's not common to see yearly mint sets - you might see some floating around but they are in small number, amaybe around 50,000 at best. I actually quite like mint sets made during the Soviet era except for the toning but this is clearly unfortunate.


There are some mint sets made specially for 10 ruble coins as well as other coins but these days, they command ridicious prices that I've never seen before. For instance the following:






Who knows, maybe it's an excellent idea to see coin prices rise instead of stagnate

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That's absolutely nuts! I bought one a long time ago for about 7 pounds 6 years ago.


I suppose it's the casing that counts because I don't really think the coins are any special. I have to find it - hiding some where as usual.

Proof like Lenin was sold for $160, may be there were too few of this sets still alive? Or hiding somewhere and no one cares to sell them.

I got it in Japan, with shipping and etc for 1000 yen, equivalent of $12.




P.S. Overall I am surprised and the same time relieved - can sell some of these and add silver soviet and imperial coins for the proceeds

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The reality is, I have these coins myself but they aren't proof like or anything like that. It's the packaging that people are paying for. It's a bit of shame that I can't bid on yahoo japan otherwise there's too much bargains over there.

Yeah, bargains show up time to time, but I find soviet and imperial silver coins pretty much overpriced comparing it to ebay's.

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