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Opinions sought on new website


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Nice site, just noticed a couple of typos


Under Sovereign Dates & Types

'for example Edward VIII sovereigns as their are less' should be there

Under Home

'Gold Sovereigns, struck by the Royal Mint have also been around for a long time and are globally excepted and recognised'

should be accepted.

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I'm loving the site, Hus!


A few points:


On the homepage 'Bendetto Pistrucci' should read Benedetto.


On the Coin Grading page 'its self' should read itself and 'higher grade then they actually are' should read 'than they are'. You might also want to rid the first 'coin is a' from the Proof section at the very bottom.


On the Buying Gold page 'If you are buying from a jewellers, bare in mind' should read 'bear in mind'.


On the Selling Gold page 'Of course the grade of your coin/s will have a big impact on there value' should read 'on their value' and watch out for 'payed' when it should be 'paid' in the Disadvantages of Selling via an Auction.



Otherwise it's a brilliant site and I hope it proves successful! :)

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Constanius and Clive, thanks very much for your input and taking the time to read over my site :bthumbsup:


If anyone notices anything else or has an idea for another post or page (I was thinking one on coin termology?) then please let me know.


I am slo looking to exchange links with any other decent coin related sites.


Many thanks,


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I think leaving the word "bare" in there will make your site a little more popular with the search engines


HAHA I never thought of that I should maybe change it back. I could maybe add more words like "bust" as in jubilee bust etc..

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Sure, wake up my inner editor. :)


Under Blank Planchet:

"Not perhaps an error per say" should be "Not perhaps an error per se" (and should be italicized since it's not English).


Under Wrong Planchet Error:

"Below is a picture of a 2 pence design struck on a 1 pence planchet." should be "Below is a picture of a 2 pence design struck on a 1 penny planchet." Pence is plural.


Under Multiple Errors:

For "...tend to be more actively sort by error collectors.", did you mean "...tend to be more actively sought by error collectors."?


Really good stuff there -- I deeply envy that poor threepence at the end of the page!

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