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Russian Imperial Medal/Token - TRANSLATION HELP!!!


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Hey, everyone,


I know this is not a coin, but figured the best place to post this is in the Russian coins forum where I know I'll find more people who can read Russian. Please help me with the inscription around this medal/token... what does it say? I actually read Russian (but my vocabulary is basic) but the words aren't making sense to me, it looks like there are a lot of abbreviations. What does this mean:


"Попеч.имп. человек. общ. для сбора пожертв. на восп. и устр. бед. дет. в мастер".



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Literal translation:


"Попеч. (patronage) имп. (imperial) человек. (person) общ. (society) для (for) сбора (gathering) пожертв. (donations) на восп. (for education) и устр. (and placement) бед. (poor) дет. (children) в мастер (in vocation)".

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