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1993 penny no mint mark, is this a pattern or a fake ?

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I just pick upn from a change this penny because of its color as 1943 War World II cent.

It is not shinny but rather mat color. Under 10x glass, its surface looks like was not cleaned enough to be prepared for further striking. But it can be my own opinion. I am specializing in Eurpoean and Russian numismatic only. Does anyone know if this is a mint pattern or some kind of fake ?



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I have to agree with thedeadpoint. It looks to have been washed a couple of times, resulting in a mat finish. But it's a common P (Philadelphia) mint cent.

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Remember these cents are zinc with a very thin copper coating. Could have been scrubbed to the point of removing the copper.

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sorry for this question but why would one washed off the copper from circlulation penny

also, can it be done by itself or being placed in somekind of water enviroment (like pepsi for example)

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