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What Type Of Collector Are You?


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Far and away I fall into #7. I'm working on another research title at the moment and I just cannot get enough! The joys of being an archaeologist as well, I suppose. :grin:

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What me?



1. The "Classic" Hunter


Actually all coin collectors are hunters, but in its classic form it is possible to distinguish this type from others. The "Classic" Hunter can be recognised by the fact that he always goes out hunting with a list in his hand. I actually do have a list. This list of his possible quarry is the key requisite of his collecting. He is only interested in coins on his list; he ignores all the others. When he makes a purchase it is not the object that concerns him. He gets pleasure from ticking it off. Nothing is more satisfying for the "Classic" Hunter than as many ticks as possible. This is frighteningly true.


All catalogued areas have a magic attraction for the "Classic" Hunter. From these he can make lists, which he "works off." However, a paradox dominates his life as a collector. Although he strives for completeness, the moment he achieves it what he is doing loses its meaning. The day when he ticks off the last item on his list is the day on which he contacts a coin dealer to negotiate on the sale of his collection. He is bored by a complete collection that no longer offers him the experience of hunting, but only of possessing. Although I have not sold my complete Roosevelt Dimes Proofs - PCGS, I am very tempted.


The "Classic" Hunter is very easy to get along with. He is not sociably inclined and prefers to go hunting on his own. He talks very little about his activity, in most cases because he knows nothing about the historical background of his coins. Not true of me. I have studied Roosevelt dimes and Jefferson Nickels extensively. Ditto for Indian Head Cents and US Large Cents.


How to recognise the "Classic" Hunter and collector: he always carries a list around with him, in which he notes down all the coins he has acquired.

His hunting grounds are: mainly coin markets, more rarely coin dealers; only in the final phase of his collecting activity can he be encountered at auctions.

He collects mostly: German imperial coins according to Jaeger, coins in circulation according to their dates and embossed letters, more rarely coins with portraits of all the Roman emperors. NOT!

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#1 and #8 - I've got my list of coins/notes that I want and rarely fall for something else not on that list. But I've never fully completed a series (due to the key coins/notes), so I've never sold a coin or a collection like they say the hunter does.


#8 applies because I want to get the key dates, designs, signatures, varieties of the series along with the proofs, the smaller varieties, the patterns, and maybe even the dies. I also like collecting coins/notes that represent Virginia but that's a smaller niche of what I do.

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I do have a list. #1 But the finding the goiter 58 d franklin was a rush. Also picking morgan vams #7. I do like coins with associated history. I.E a "Name" but love the obscure tokens because of the history. #9

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