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Error coin 1878 Morgan silver dollar


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I have what I believe is a rare error coin, wherein a large letter "K" is actually printed on the face of the coin, just under "Unum" behind her head, unlike any other Morgan I've seen, in its first year of production.


My deceased mother wrote a note many decades ago (that I am just now seeing as I settle her estate) that she read that someone at the Mint was fined for putting his own initial on the minting press way back then, a decade after the Civil War. As it is 'proud' of the coin, and not carved into the coin (which would just make it just a relatively worthless, damaged coin), I tend to believe that it may actually have been done at the mint 134 years ago.


Has anyone ever heard of this before? Or can you think of another explanation. I can email a pdf if interested.



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Interesting. I'd never heard this story before. Hopefully someone with some real knowledge will stop by soon.

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I don't think so. Dies were engraved and inspected and it wouldn't be really easy to just unscrew one, carve a K in it , and put it back in service.

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Does it look uncirculated?


I have a very circulated morgan with an "s" punched into it. I got it in a junk bin at a coin shop.


Is the K incluse or raised up?

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