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What happened to this 1920 Nickel ?


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as the surface of this nickel looks untouched since striking with an old copper-nickel patination i suppose a striking problem caused the flat areas, especially at center:




KM 134, 21,3 mm / 4,84 g, copper-nickel, 5,00 g. theor. mint weight, mintage 63,093,000 , coin alignment ↑↓ (180°), plain edge.


A flan defect as 0.16 g material is missing? Too much oil during striking?

The rim and edge is plain and perfect. The coin shows no hints for a mechnical treatment after leaving the mint.


Maybe an expert on these nickels has some experience.




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The obverse rim is badly degraded around the 4 or 5 o'clock position. It also looks like the coin has been scraped horizontally from the 9 o'clock position across the face toward the degraded rim. Other parts of the rim are higher than normal. What's hard to figure is why the tops of the letters of LIBERTY are worn so much? Both sides have an odd bluish-gray coloration across the center of the coin.

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