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Throwing an idea out here


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I'm getting to the stage where I'm no longer satisifed with catalogs that's out in the market. Perhaps I can create my own type set and then illustrate them and make them into a book / poster or some sort for instance the following:






In a process of designing a few more albums and thought I'll share them over time. I've tried to illustrate them digitally but I guess it's always nice to have a hard copy. I've printed out of what I made and thought it would be good to laminate them and sell them off for material cost + shipping cost. Shouldn't be too expensive I reckon. Would be handy to have one to start out with so that you have a good idea of what an overall set would look like. (Perhaps Dansco would like some of my design? :) )


Anyone interested in hard copies of such?


Got another random thought of making my own reference to Chinese coins as well as a rough guideline to Chinese counterfeit. If I print on standard A4 paper and laminate it, pretty sure that's cheaper than a lot of counterfeit coins out there in the market.

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Create an online exhibit and if it looks good and gets reviews maybe a hardcopy would work especially if you can do it on demand.

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Very nicely done. I'm not into Russian coinage but if I were I think this would be a great resource for me. Best of luck with it.

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