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Help with French Guiana 1798 Colony of Cayenne 2 Sous coin


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Hi .. I have looked in my Krause 3rd edition and I have found the Colony of Cayenne which only lists KM# P1 1789 A 10 Centimes and no pictures ..


it also states "in the 18th C a series of 2 sous coins was struck for the colony. it is probable that contempory imitations of these issues, many emanating from Birmingham out number the originals, these both genuine and bogus, host coins for many west Indies counterstamps..


? is this one of these coins .. and it is interesting that my coin has an inverted V used as the mint mark


+ do they have a value as i am thinking of sending it to NCS for conservation .. looks a lot better than the scan imply's



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If I remember correctly, this is the more common date of the 2 issues of late 1700s Cayenne 2 sous. KM#1.


See Heritage auction #2017 (Jan. 2012) lot 28087 for similar in higher grade.


Thanks for that only $42 .. dont suppose the V error mint mark will add a premium to justify the NCS costs .. guess i will just conserve it myself and bang it on Ebay then .. some you win some you lose

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